Current Projects

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In cooperation with Zimbabwean based "Foundations for Farming" (previously "Farming God's Way") (, two of the LMC-Africa leadership have been certified as

trainers and are developing model training farms. Beginning in 2021, rural subsistence farmers from the neighboring villages will spend time with them learning the "Foundations for Farming" land preparation, planting, fertilization, irrigation, pest-control, harvesting & marketing techniques.

Nakawa Model Farm: 

LMC-Africa RCP Training School graduate, Silumba Kalaluka has established a model training farm on his small holding east of the Kazungula base camp on the road to Livingstone.

Sibunde Model Farm:

LMC-Africa "Live School" graduate, Felix Sibunde has established a model training farm on his 

small holding west of the Kazungula base camp.



FLYING COLOURS PRIMARY SCHOOL:  LMC-Africa "Live School" graduate Pastor Harrison Sialumwemwe and his twin brother Gladson founded the "Flying Colours" school in recognition of the large number of young children in the streets of Kazungula who were not going to school - these kids are generally orphans, children of teenage single moms or come from impoverished homes. The school has expanded rapidly over the last three years and now serves over (150) 'at risk' kids in Pre-K through 2nd grade who meet in (4) classrooms. 

In cooperation with the "Gathering of Jupiter" church, who helps fund the operating costs of

the school, LMC-Africa are planning to build a new technology lab at the school in mid-2021.


NGWESI "BRIDGE SCHOOL": Five years ago, LMC-Africa, together with the community leaders of Ngwesi, founded a "Bridge School" in the village. The unique concept of a "Bridge School" was first advanced by LMC-Africa "Live School" graduate Evangelist Fynn Khondowe who recognized

the challenge of a low literacy in Ngwesi. The problem appeared to be that the local elementary school was a 5 or 6 mile walk  from the village. The younger children were precluded physically from walking 10 - 12 miles a day to go to school. When, at 8 or 9-years old, they were capable of walking that distance to school, they were placed in 1st grade. Feeling embarassed to be amongst

much younger children, many dropped out and never returned to school.


Evangelist Fynn presented a proposition to the headmen & elders of the village - to employ a teacher to educate the younger children in reading, writing & arithmetic (utilizing a basic Christian syllabus) until they were old enough to walk to the government elementary school. The program has proved very successful as when the children are old enough to attend school, they most often test at grade level or above. The teacher, Jacqueline and a new school feeding program are now being funded by U.S. based supporters.


Since its inception the Ngwesi "bridge School" has met in the only structure of any size in the village, the maize storage and distribution center. This will soon change as an LMC-Africa Community Partnership is building a new 2-classroom school on the church grounds near the center of the village.

NAKAWA COMMUNITY SCHOOL: Recognizing the need for education for the children surrounding there small holding east of the Kazungula base camp, LMC-Africa RCP Training graduate, Silumba Kalaluka and his wife, Cynthia Maboshe (LMC-Africa Campsite coordinator), along with retired headmaster, "Paps", started a small community school on their property a few years ago.


Silumba, who is a woodcarver, constructed the first small thatched schoolroom and built all the desks.

Three years ago with the financial backing of a community trust, a new school building was erected and now "Paps" has the help of two other teachers and the school has grown to over (100) students. Thanks to the generosity of U.S. supporters, the operating budget and school feeding program are covered into next year.

KAZUNGULA SECONDARY BOARDING SCHOOL: The Kazungula Secondary Boarding School is the only high school that serves the Kazungula District of some 100,000 people. The boarding school, which was built to house (500) students, is home to (750)  students in crowded conditions. The school is precipitously underfunded and have had to establish a vegetable garden in order to supplement the maize only diet of the boarding students.

The Headmistress, Edith Masheke, a strong Christian, does a wonderful job of balancing the financial constraints while at the same time encouraging students, staff and faculty. Despite of all the challenges, The Kazungula Secondary High School is one of the leading government schools in Zambia academically, while just recently, the senior boys soccer team won the Southern Province Schools Soccer Tournament. LMC-Africa has and continues to work with Edith and the school's faculty & staff on a number of different projects - see below.

  • Helped to design and build onsite living quarters for the school nurse.

  • Helped to train school ground staff in simple construction practices and farming techniques.

  • Helped clear & upgrade playing fields and courts.

  • Hold sports coaching clinics on an on-going basis.

  • Supply sports teams with uniforms, balls, nets, cleats, etc.

  • Trained (10) seniors students to be facilitators of the LaRed ( - Faith-based training for successful living.

  • Helped to establish student led LaRed program for (100) students at (10) tables.

  • Help lead Monday morning student assemblies.


NAKAWA 'LIONS OF JUDAH' SOCCER TEAMS: Noticing that many teenagers and kids were hanging around in the villages idle after school, Silumba Kalaluka, and his wife, Cynthia Maboshe, decided to start a soccer club on their small holding called Nakawa. Silumba cleared

a field on the small holding and made some goalposts, and the Nakawa 'Lions of Judah' were born.

Just recently, the mission received the donation of (5) new soccer kits. Each kit includes team uniforms, cleats, soccer balls, whistles, and even goal nets.


(4) of the soccer kits are for the Nakawa 'Lions of Judah' teams and (1) for the Kazungula Secondary Boarding School team, the defending Southern Province High School soccer champions.