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Did you know?...

  • that there are more born-again Christians alive in the continent of Africa today, than in any other continent on planet earth?

  • that countries like Uganda & Zambia have written into their constitutions that they are Christian nations?

  • that God is moving in Africa through His Holy Spirit, to bring spiritual awakening, reformation & renaissance to the continent?

  • that many of the traditional leaders of Africa (kings, chiefs and witchdoctors) are becoming disciples of Jesus?

We are witnesses to all that the Lord is doing in Africa and we believe that the continent of Africa (particularly sub-Saharan Africa) is about to rise from the ashes of spiritual darkness, ignorance, colonialism, poverty, violence and corruption, like some phoenix arising from the ashes of the past to soar to exhilerating levels of holiness and intimacy with the Father, while achieving, educational, societal, moral & governmental excellence.

Will you PARTNER with what God is doing in sub-Saharan Africa right now? Will you be part of writing this new chapter of history?

You can PARTNER with LMC-Africa in any, or all, of the following ways:

Get Involved: Get Involved


Everything begins and ends with PRAYER - begins with petitions & intercession - ends with gratitude & praise!


Come on a mission trip; help at the base camp or with a village Project; volunteer to teach, train, or coach


God has opened so many doors of ministry opportunity, but calls on His people to be His implementers.

94% of contributions to LMC-Africa go directly into the work of the mission in Africa - there are no U.S. based salaries, capital costs, administration or fund raising expenses. Monthly contributions of any size are particularly helpful as they allow mission leadership to budget & plan effectively.

PayPal ButtonPayPal Button

You can give by "clicking" on the Donate button above.


OR by transferring money into the Mission's Bank of America account using your bank's ZELLE money transfer system - just reference the mission phone number



OR by sending a check / setting up a regular monthly vendor payment plan through your bank to:


P.O. Box 1749

Jupiter, FL 33468

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