April 29 - May 1 2021

LMC-Africa is helping to organize what is believed to be the first African conference to include representatives from all (54) nations of the

continent, either in person or remotely.


Emmanuel Adimora from Nigeria is already very active promoting the conference and finalizing the speakers and breakout session leaders. A team on the ground in Lusaka led By LMC-Africa's Bishop Felix Mumbi and Naomi Sheneberger are involving the church in Zambia, booking the facilities and accomodation and meeting with government and community leaders.


The AFRICA UNITE SUMMIT will run between April 29th and May 1st, 2021, and will be held at the New Government Complex in Lusaka, Zambia.



Date To Be Determined

LMC-Africa has been asked by the African Association of Kings & Chiefs to organize and coordinate a pivotal event in West Africa in 2020.


Many people in the U.S. do not realize that the slave trade in Africa was going on for centuries before European ships began to regularly visit the shores of Africa in the 1,400's and even before the Arab trade in African slaves began in earnest 700-years before that. But, even long before the Arabs and the Europeans got involved slavery was common in Africa. There were three main forms of slavery in Africa - conquest slavery, debt slavery & voluntary slavery. With the arrival of the Arab slave markets and later the European slave trading forts, slavery became an extremely lucrative business for the stronger tribes, who then began to conquer and enslave neighboring tribes before marching them down to the coastal slave ports for sale to the European slavers for shipping to the America's.


Many slaves died on the long treks to the coast and many more on the slaving ships during the journey to the New World.


The African Association of Kings & Chiefs believe that a curse came onto, not only, those that were sent away from their homes into a lifetime of servitude, but also on their fellow Africans, particularly the kings and chiefs, that had perpetrated this horror. 


This curse has often manifested itself among the African-American descendants of these enslaved peoples as a loss of personal identity, feelings of inferiority, groundless anger towards others, false bravado, a sense of fatherlessness and an orphan spirit. In Africa the curse has manifested in political and economic failure, corruption and violence.


The African Association of Kings & Chiefs believe that the 2021 event, where they will repent before a group of African-America church and community leaders, on behalf of their forefathers, will break this curse, both in Africa and amongst the African-American population


Two identificational repentance events will take place, one at the Cape Coast Castle in Ghana and the other at an old Portuguese slave fort in Ouidah, Benin.

Cape Coast Castle near Accra,  Ghana

Fort São João Baptista de Ajuda in Ouida near Cotono, Benin